Monday, March 15, 2010

Drive-By Rudy's Tonight

Before I moved to this area, my former colleague Jeff Petrin, who loves Counting Crows, booked Drive-By Truckers to play Rudy's in New Haven. Of course, Jeff was way ahead of the curve, because that was before tons of big-time places were calling the group the best American band and stuff.

Boy, I would have liked to see that show. Well, tonight DBT returns to Rudy's, sort of. You see, a local woman, Sarah Henderson, won a contest to host a listening party to celebrate the release of the band's "The Big To-Do," which comes out tomorrow.

I've had an advance of the disc for a little while now, and let me just say that I think it's the band's best record in a while, since 2003. I won't say too much because you need to read Weekend Friday, of course.

Anyway, so this party goes down from 8-11 tonight. I assume they'll just play the record through three times, since it's about 54 minutes long. And you'll get to drink all the good beer that Rudy's always serves. Fun stuff. From what I gather, you won't be able to buy "The Big To-Do" at the bar, but you can get excited for buying it tomorrow. Woo hoo.

If you want to hear "Birthday Boy" from the disc— and that is one of my absolute favorite tunes on it — well, you're in luck:

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Anonymous said...

You were on a blog roll there for a week or so.
We miss it!

I love a good slice of Blog Roll covered in chocolate syrup and whipped cream from Friendly's.