Monday, July 12, 2010

An Unassuming Return To Blogging

Clem Snide covers Journey


Anonymous said...

Unassuming, perhaps.

But a grateful bloggin nation cheers.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could make another unassuming return sometime soon?

Anonymous said...

Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap.
(The equivalent of your "poop.")

It's taken me two days to digest the fact that you won't be around to inform and entertain us each week with your intellgence, wit, and really fine writing techniques. Though we never met (and are likely not to), your style, your humor, and your ability to never take life too seriously made opening each Weekend section like sitting down with a friend for a beer.

Oh sure, you were my unknowing rival, as my significant other harbored a none-too-secret crush on you (she proclaimed you a "smarter, better looking Seth Rogan", which IS intended as a compliment). And though I am not nearly the music afficianado that you are, I was often intrigued enough by your opinions and recommendations to check out local bands that I might not otherwise entertain. And I was equally as enthusiastic about sharing my thoughts on the latest flicks, as our opinions were often in sync.

So, you are now on to a cool and exciting new phase of your life. I admire your commitment and willingness to dive into the deep end of "uncertainty" in life to follow your passion. I know (thirdhand from a student who took one of your classes) that as a teacher you did indeed, make a difference. I hope that you continue to write, to teach, and above all, to follow the path that makes you happiest. You HAVE made a diffence in the lives of your students and readers. I'm CERTAIN you will continue to make a difference. And in the end, leaving a positive mark where you've been is all that really counts, huh?

So, a world of best wishes and good luck, friend. I hope that you continue to blog and to let us know what's going on in your life and just what's on your mind. Enjoy the new world you are immersing yourself into, and know that you carry the support with you of all the friends, readers, and students whose lives you've influenced over the last six years.

And every once in awhile on the occasional Friday, remember that there's a blogger back here in the Elm City raising a brew to your continued success and happiness.

Anonymous said... least we know you're out there somewhere...and you're still checking in once in awhile.

You know, kind of like Drew Barrymore and Justin Long in that movie. No wait...that movie made me throw up in my mouth. Except for Charlie Day. Charlie Day rules. But I digress.

Hope all is well with you.
How is life out on the great plain?

Anonymous said...

Geez...was hoping for a "HEY ELM CITY! I'M BAAAAAACK!"

Anonymous said...

So...I'm in Bryant Park in Manhattan this afternoon, and I'm watching folks take a twirl around the ice rink. And there's this eerie Pat Ferrucci doppelganger out there gliding around. SO strange. ANYWAY...of course it made me nostalgic for this here blog, and I had to pop back in to say it's been WAY too long (4 months), you PROMISED to pop in and blog once in awhile, and... we are. New Haven just ain't the same without you. So...what's new in the great American midwest??