Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cat Power And Other Tidbits

Well, Cat Power's "The Greatest" won the Shortlist Music Prize. It's a deserving record that truly gets better with each listen. Good for Chan, huh? Of course, this disc made the Register's Top 20 of 2006 list. Of course.

Um, do you feel the need to know what Horseshack is up to?

I think this article might be a couple of months too late, but it's still an interesting read. Music fans shouldn't be able to get enough of this triumphant Dinosaur Jr. reunion. Woo-hoo.

Kelly Clarkson's never been in love. That's what she says in this piece. Poor, Kelly. I know a lot of people who love "Since U Been Gone," including Ted Leo. I remember when I last wrote about Clarkson, she was touring with the Graham Colton Band and dating Colton himself. Obviously she couldn't have loved him because he makes some real soulless music.

You want to hear the new White Stripes disc? Go here.

So most people I know didn't care for the finale of "The Sopranos," calling it a real cop-out. You know who loved it, though? That's right, Journey. And what a ratings bonanza for HBO.

That's it on this end. My team won our first softball game of the year after starting 0-3, so I'm happy about that. I promise to update more and get out of this early summer malaise. I'm going to try at least, OK?

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have the power to define real, soulful "music" but I'm sure you'll be hearing some from Colton since he's gone "solo" now. He'll definitely be creating "souless" music for you.