Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's Over

OK, so I got to work today and you know what I did? Yep, I threw away all my Arts & Ideas programs, our story budgets, my Ideat Village press releases ... just about everything from the last three weeks.

I went to a lot of things during this year's Arts & Ideas/Ideat Village season. In fact, I think I went to more events than I have in any of the previous three years I've been here. I saw a ton of good stuff, but whenever these festivals come, my life becomes hell. There's so much to do, so many stories to write, so much prep work that goes into coverage. So when it all ends, I feel great, like the happiest person in the world. OK, that's a huge overstatement, but it's still a good feeling.

In other news, the photo at the top of this blog is my new favorite thing published in the Register. If you remember, for a fleeting moment in 2006, I was able to call Mike Church "skip." You know, because he was my manager for a few hours during the Cutters' open tryouts in May of 2006. Mike seems like a great guy anytime I've talked to him, so it's kind of fun to see him all riled up. In other news, the next Thirsty Thursday is July 5. I can't wait.

Another wrestler is dead. I mean, we talk a lot about the dangers associated with NASCAR, and people constantly complain about baseball players taking steroids. I know it's a little different since wrestling is fake and most don't die in the ring, but at some point people need to really have a discussion about why so many young wrestlers die every year.

Haven't we all wanted to baptize someone? Why does this dude need to go to jail?

Lindsay Lohan's crazy-ass mom says her daughter will spend more time in rehab. Well, mommy should get there quickly, too.

I always have hard time reading stories that call Richard Belzer a "comedian." I mean, he's Detective Munch. That's it. I used to have a photo on my fridge of him with all these dogs because it looked so damn weird. Does that make me weird?

So a "Real World" obsessed friend of mine sent me this story about Coral enjoying her "lesbian qualities." Too good.

I think that's about it. I mean, the Red Sox lost to Jeff Weaver last night and that makes me sad. Not to mention, my softball team had its two-game winning streak halted. I cried into my beer for hours last night. Talk soon, OK?

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