Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Silly Craigslist

So have you guys seen this story? I mean, I'm sure this stuff goes on more times than you can shake a stick at, but it's still funny, especially because of the "Erector set" line. That's just the perfect amount of randomness for me.

The piece made me think of an e-mail forward I got a couple years ago. I wish I still had it to post here. But, alas, not so much. The gist of it was this guy in New York who wanted to rent the second bedroom of his apartment for basically nothing. The only catch was that he wanted the renter to be a hot female who would walk around in their underwear.

This all got me thinking: Don't you wish we could see every e-mail response to ridiculous Craigslist posts like these? I mean, in the Register story above, the prankster relays some the messages he got, but we don't actually see them. I decided to solve this problem myself.

Here we go: I decided to write my own dumb ad. I will publish the results right here.

This is the stupidity that I just gave to the World Wide Web:
In these hard times, money is tight. That's why I have a good idea that can help both of us. In my two bedroom apartment, I have a very large closet. You can fit an entire bed in it. You could also get a dresser in there. I will rent this out for $50 a month, utilities included. I will use the $50 to pay my gym membership, which helps me stay strong and fit for the ladies.

I have an open second bedroom, but that's where I keep my pet gerbils and parrots. They play together. It would be wrong to put someone else in there.

Anyway, you would have access to the entire apartment (kitchen, study, gerbil and parrot room, den) except the kitchen sink. That's private.

About me: I'm a 30-year-old professional male. I work about 55 hours a week, so I'm usually not home. I'm clean. I'd be a good roommate. We'd get along.

Shoot me and the gerbils and parrots an e-mail if you're interested.

Here's a link to the posting.

Let the fun begin.


sj said...

you know, we're about to rent a storage facility to store my ridiculous amount of space bags containing a large variety of my wacky clothes - including and not limited to: a galina wedding gown, my favorite DVF pencil black skirt, too many long flowery dresses from that brief phase when i watched Pride and Prejudice too many times and what remains of my "going out" wardrobe from five years ago when I did "go out."

i'd totally rent your closet space. but i would fear for your well-being when they all inevitably inflate and cause serious damage to you and your gerbils. i'd feel badly.

(and i absolutely love the missed connections ads in craigslist - they make me laugh Every Single Time.)

Pat Ferrucci said...

Unfortunately, most of this post is totally made up. I do not have an extra closet or extra room, much less one filled with gerbils and parrots, sadly.

Srg said...

sj beat me to it. I was so going to suggest that she rent out your closet for all her costumery which apparently has taken over her cozy little house and caused her to search for something with walk-in closets.

Anonymous said...

Well, OK, MOST of it is made up.
But I think it's still safe to presume that your kitchen sink is a very private place?

sj said...

actually, SRG, as everyone now knows, my house is filled with costumes and porn.

and pat, i'm curious to know your responses. i'm considering putting up an ad on craigs list to sell my house and use that as a selling point. surely that story would beat any marketing buzz prudential could supply for me.

Anonymous said...

For those of us conscripted to work on Labor Day, how will you be spending yours?

Anonymous said...

Is it something we said?...

Something we DIDN'T say?....

Anonymous said...

Oh brother..where art thou?

Anonymous said...

Two weeks and counting.

MAJOR depression has set in.

To paraphrase Doctor Evil, "Throw us a frikkin' bone here..."