Friday, October 09, 2009

Guns And Stuff

I'm not much of a proponent of gun laws. I'm the kind of guy who believes in an evolving Constitution, one that realizes that maybe, just maybe, the laws and ideas of the Founding Fathers back in the 18th century may not work in the 21st.

My stance on right to bear arms varies by the day. I can admit that. I don't know the answer.

I know I love coffee. I don't know whether guns should be illegal or whether making them illegal would change anything. I know if coffee was made illegal, it would change me. I'd be an unhappy guy that constantly sobbed in the streets. That's true.

Anyway, I do know that world was a far different place when the Second Amendment was written. We've changed the Constitution a whole lot since the 18th century, but haven't changed this. Now, semi-automatic weapons are legal. One thing I know is that shouldn't be the case.

Why am I going on about guns? Because I read this story today. For some reason, I missed the stories last year, the ones that told of Meleanie Hain bringing her gun to her kids' soccer practice. Well, now she's been killed by her husband in a murder/suicide.

I just think it'd be really hard for folks to commit these crimes if they had no gun.

Just look at the photo of Hain above. I mean, that's just batpoop nuts. I could make a lot more jokes if the woman wasn't killed yesterday, but I feel like if you're packing heat everywhere you go, you have a much better chance of being shot than I do, a guy who packs nothing. No heat here.

Guns to soccer games though? Huh? I mean, did she expect one of the kiddies to bite her leg? I just think this is all something to think about. I have no answers.

I do know this answer: Did the Red Sox win last night? No they did not. I cried like a baby. I'm very excited about tonight's contest. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Uh oh, my friend.
The Sox go down again last night.

You may be able to have that green tea with Terry Francona sooner than you think...

Anonymous said...

Dude...we faithful fans would follow you to the ends of the blogosphere, we really have to go WEEKS between entries? Your Sox period of mourning MUST be over by now!....