Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pilot Pen Is Over

OK, so the Pilot Pen has finally become a thing of the past. Some of you have probably been reading my daily columns in the paper about the tennis tournament. If you haven't, well, that's why I haven't updated my blog. I've been a busy boy.

Anyway, one of the things I've been thinking about recently is Rilo Kiley. I've been a big fan of the band for a long time now. I've personally converted a good amount of people into fans, but I just can't get past this new record. Some of it is really good, some of it is pathetically bad.

But what really bothers me is the marketing campaign. This video for "Silver Lining" really sums it up. Take a look.

My friend Georgia sent me the link and commented this: "It really gets on my nerves the way Rilo Kiley does things that make so much sense, and then everyone is like 'Wow, look how honest they are!' But it's all part of the sneaky RK marketing plan. This video makes me so mad. Jenny Lewis is conniving."

What do you think?

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georgia k said...

thanks for the shout out....unfortunately it's about a sad subject.