Friday, October 19, 2007

In The News ...

So investigators are searching David Copperfield's warehouse, a place he regularly performs. Here's what I'm thinking: The FBI is like a decade behind on this one. Don't you think they should have searched there for the Statue of Liberty when it disappeared? How about for whatever drugs he clearly used to get Claudia Shiffer to date him for six years. Oh yeah, what about when he claimed to find the Fountain of Youth a few years back? This guy's been begging for an investigation. Well, he's got it now.

A friend of mine pointed me to this site. Very good stuff. Check out the Elvis Perkins material.

I have the day off today. W00-hoo me. I'm watching ESPN and New Haven just made "First Take." Yep, the crappy morning talk show just showed Chaz and AJ's "Hannah Montana" ticket fun. Good stuff.

So rapper Nas is going to name to his upcoming record "Nigger." According to, the rapper says this of the very controversial title: ""(People) shouldn't trip off the (album's) title; the songs are crazier than the title." Well, wowee. You know, I don't know what to think of this, except that if you're going to name your album this, you're really looking hard for some publicity. This disc isn't supposed to drop until December, and we're already talking about it. I guess Nas is smart.

OK, so I know it's been said by hundreds of people over the last decade or so, but very few people benefited more from a suicide than Kurt Cobain. Word is another movie will be made about the late grunge icon. I like a lot of Nirvana's music, but this ridiculous notion that the band started grunge or did anything that Dinosaur Jr., Husker Du, Sonic Youth or countless other groups didn't do is preposterous. I mean, is the movie going to focus on Cobain coming up with brilliant lyrics like, "Here we are now, entertain us." Wow, those are Dylan-esque. Jeez.

Breaking news alert: Rod Stewart's ridiculously looking hair is not genetic! Thank god, says his son, who has other problems.

I know this is a little dated, but he's from New Haven and this video makes me laugh so hard. Just look at his pained faces while he sings. Anyway, enjoy.

Lastly, let me end this entry by saying that if Josh Beckett could pitch every game in the playoffs, the Red Sox would basically be the Colorado Rockies. Well, it's now Big Schill's turn, and he relishes this kind of game. More fun tomorrow.


DMc said...

Although I'm certainly not looking forward to that bound-to-exploit Cobain biopic, but to assert that Nirvana weren't special kind of misses the mark. What did they do that those other band didn't? They had a number one record. They knocked Michael Jackson off the charts. They lit a fire in the nuts of every teenager in the country. I'm not going to say that celebrity has value on its own, but I think Nirvana were at the center of a lot of really positive cultural change. And not just musical.

Phil McCann said...

I never *got* Nirvana until I saw them live on the "In Utero" tour at the NY Coliseum. They were a great live band, made some real good pop/punk type singles, and led the mainstream away from the bad hair bands of the 80's.

Better than most bands can lay claim to.

On a side note, Schilling is going down faster than an Idaho congressman in a public bathroom tomorrow night...go Tribe!!

Pat Ferrucci said...

You know, dmc, you're right. I am being a little hard on Nirvana. The band absolutely was at the center of a cultural change, not just a music one. Before "Smells Like Teen Spirit" broke, things were very different. So you're right about it all and I was just being a little harder on Nirvana for effect, and for humor.

With that said, I just don't think Kurt Cobain is worthy of all the film attention he's been getting recently. And I made a joke about it ....