Monday, November 13, 2006

He Must Have Seen 'The Big Chill' on TV Last Week

According to The Associated Press, former Procol Harum keyboard player Matthew Fisher wants a songwriting share on the band's smash "A Whiter Shade of Pale."

Of course, it's an odd time to be asking. You see, if you're familiar with the song, you know it came out way back in 1967. My guess is Fisher heard the tune on the radio this weekend, heard his organ line and said, "You know, this wouldn't be the same without my kicking organ part. I could use some money, too. Why don't I sue the songwriters for a cut."

I'll admit, the Hammond solo is certainly a major part of the tune, but if this dude felt strongly about his role in the writing, why not do it back then? Hell, why not do it when he left Procol in 1969? Clearly, he's had enough of his new job as a computer operator.

Besides the odd timing and this dude really thinking he has a chance, the funniest part of the story is about how in the courtroom during the first day of the hearing, the organ Fisher plays on the tune just sat near the judge.

Wouldn't it be priceless if Fisher went through his thought process. "You know, when I wrote these eight bars, I was eating a Snickers, high on some killer drugs and thinking about what would make this song gold. I took my last bite, took a puff and out came this. Here I go."

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