Monday, November 06, 2006

Last Bite of String Cheese

When I was a kid, my friend Paul's house was always stocked with string cheese. It always tasted really good. Although I probably haven't had any in a good decade or so, I bet I still love the taste of string cheese.

Who wouldn't, really?

But what I don't like is the awful music of The String Cheese Incident. Well, guess what? The band annnounced Friday that it's breaking up. Here's what the press release sent to me had to say:

After summer 2007, Billy Nershi is leaving The String Cheese Incident to pursue other musical projects. There will be only a limited number of Incidents between now and then. Current plans include Thanksgiving in Atlanta, a New Years Eve blowout in San Francisco, Winter Carnival in Colorado, and a return to Red Rocks. Presently, there are no plans for The String Cheese Incident beyond summer of 2007.

The band would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our friends and fans for all your support.

My real question is this: Does anybody who doesn't partake in illegal substances really care about the SCI calling it a day?

It simply amazes me that bands like SCI can travel around the country with ease, packing clubs and entertaining fans with mind-numbingly long songs with absolutely no core melody.

I have a friend who once was forced to go to an Umphrey's McGee show by his then girlfriend. I remember he texted me something like this during the show: "This is my hell. I've never heard such a long solo in my life."

And this is what it would be like for me. I don't care if a band can solo for 20 minutes. Just a write a good song already. OK?

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