Sunday, November 19, 2006

Keep it Quiet

A quick note on this very fall-like Sunday: I went out to North Haven yesterday to peek my head on in on New London's Quiet Life, a quartet recording its debut record at Butterflies of Love multi-instrumentalist Scott Amore's studio.

Besides talking with the guys and seeing some of the recording process, I got to listen to the rough mixes of four or five songs. This is going to be one great record. While singer/guitarist Sean Spellman says the band was sort of going for a Neil Young-ish sound, I think the early tracks have a real Wilco "A Ghost Is Born" vibe, not in the arrangements or instrumentation, but rather sonically.

New London has a really vast and eclectic music scene, but it's great to know that a band like Quiet Life prefers coming down here to make its disc. Look for a lot guest spots from a bunch of Elm City players on the record, which should be out sometime early next year.

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