Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bad Idea

I like to think I know my audience. I mean, I don't know you in a literal sense. Most of us have never shared a beer or thumb wrestled together.

But I think I know what most of you like, which is why I think I can say, with a fair amount of confidence, that you probably dig The Pixies. You may not love the iconic and critically adored band, but you at least like them.

Well, as you would imagine, I'm a big fan of the Frank Black-led act, too. I own all the records, have caught the band live a few times, etc. But with all that said, this newest comment from Black suggesting that the Pixies may make a new album if it's done with a Hollywood director is just plain scary.

One of the hardest parts of seeing a band you love reunite after a long hiatus is the very real chance that it will make a new album, one that just doesn't live up to the old stuff. I've heard Black's solo discs. Let's not go there. I don't want a new Pixies record if it may sound like those.

But, see, the other issue is that you can't fault a band for wanting to make and play new songs, instead of just touring as, essentially, an oldies act. Of course, according to the story linked above, it seems like the Pixies don't have any issues being an oldies act.

I don't know.

One thing's for sure, though: Making your comeback record a score to some movie is not going to work. It's going to get a whole lot of buzz and, ultimately, be incredibly disappointing. It's an unwinnable prospect. What the members should do is spend tons of time crafting some great new songs and then make a disc. It's very possible for legendary Massachusetts bands to break up and then, after two decades, come back with the best records of their careers. There's a precedent. Just look at Dinosaur Jr. or Mission of Burma.

Anyway, that's my spiel. There are a couple more things I'd like to mention, though. First, Aeroplane 1929 is at Cafe Nine tonight. Do not miss it. Secondly, next Tuesday I'll be doing something new, taking part in an online chat. I think we're doing it at like 11:30 a.m. We'll see if it works. If you're around, please participate so I'm not bored.

I've been on a Mojave 3 kick lately. Because of that, I leave you with a video for "Breaking the Ice," a tune that I can't get out of my head.


sj said...

i love that song.

well done.

Anonymous said...

Please keep us posted on the on-line chat (particulars). Consider it having a "virtual beer" with your many friends out here in cyberspace.