Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun For Friday

So I've been away from this here blog because I've up to my neck in tissues. But now I'm feeling a bit better, have the day off and am ready to blog away again. I guess antibiotics really do work. Woo hoo.

So here's hoping your Friday's going well so far. Mine's been relatively uneventful. I woke up. I walked and got some coffee. Then I watched an advance copy of the first two "Entourage" episodes of the season. The HBO comedy's sixth season premieres Sunday on the pay channel.

I've been a fan of the show for a while, but let me just say it's gotten worse and worse with each season since the fourth, the one all about the production of "Medellin."

Anyway, I've got to say the beginning of this season is kind of sad. It's not funny at all. It's the same ol' stuff. And what's even more ridiculous is how dated it feels. Why have a scene on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno? Why talk about becoming an agent for "My Name Is Earl"? It just seems weird that a show about the entertainment industry couldn't have planned a little better. I mean, we've known Leno's been gone for a while and the cancellation of "Earl" was pretty predictable. Oh, and there's a whole conversation about "Knocked Up." Really?

So that's my mini review of the beginning of the season. Let's hope the show dies a quick death and doesn't ruin its own legacy. Oh, and we can still look forward to "Curb Your Enthusiasm."


Anonymous said...

Dated or not, does Ari still have mercury poisoning?

I fear these gentlemen have grown to be a little too like their characters...

HBO should have nixed this one after Season 3. Go out on top...

Anonymous said...

From today's VARIETY...I swear...

Mel Gibson to star in 'Beaver'
Jodie Foster to co-star, direct film

Mel Gibson will star in "The Beaver" for director Jodie Foster.
The script, written by Kyle Killen, topped the Blacklist in December.

Gibson will play a depressed man who finds solace in wearing a beaver hand-puppet. On top of helming, Foster will play the role of the man’s wife.