Thursday, July 23, 2009

Deer Tick Canceled

It's a sad day to live in America. Or just New Haven. Or the New Haven Area. It's OK to cry. Let the tears flow. Sadness is expected.

What am I talking about? Well, tonight's Deer Tick show at The Space has been canceled. Or, I guess, postponed. Here's the note from Manic Production's Mark Nussbaum:

"Hey everyone. We just got word that the Deer Tick show scheduled for tonight at The Space has been postponed due to illness. We are as bummed as you are! The show has been rescheduled for November 5th. All 7/23 tickets will be honored. Ticket refunds are available from point of purchase up until 8/23. Thank you all for understanding. "

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

People...get a room...NOT a booth.

This morning, I was unlikely enough to be seated at the diner facing two hormonal teens who did the dreaded "sit on the same side of the booth to show how much we looooooooove each other." The whole time, they seemed more interested in feeding each other their tongues their food.

That is, until his cell phone rang, and he proceeded to chat for about 15 minutes with one of his buddies during which time (seriously) she was giving his free ear oral, and all but mounting his leg.

When he finally hung up, and she began to chatter away about something, he stared off disinterestedly in space. Clearly, this girl's self esteem is lower than his hands during the "grope" portion of the program.

Clearly sensing my discomfort, my waitress offered, "Sorry...I'd gladly move you...if there was anyplace else free."

I told her that we'd endure, but that she'd best make sure that the busboy hose down the seat after they left.

No real point in the story other than to blow off some irritated steam, and to IMPLORE any young hormonal teens....please keep that sort of thing in the basement rec room, not in dining establishments!