Thursday, July 02, 2009

Wee For Wednesday

So, if you're not from New Haven, this may not be as exciting, but there's some older woman who rides her bike around the city a lot. You can usually see her at concerts and stuff, and from very brief interaction with her, she seems really nice. But now I think she's Kevin Cronin.

You see, I got back from an REO Speedwagon show a little bit ago and it became obvious that the singer has been posing as a woman and riding a bike around the Elm City, checking out local bands. Maybe he's trying to sign a new act? Maybe he wants a new sidekick for those TimeLife music commercials he does? Maybe he's just messed up in the head? I don't know; there are plenty of reasons, but Kevin Cronin is definitely Older Woman Who Bikes And Goes To Shows In New Haven.

With that settled, I saw something fun at Mohegan Sun tonight ... besides the show. So Speedwagon takes the stage to "Take It On The Run" and this gets some 50ish woman in the crowd incredibly excited. She can barely breath. She's hyperventilating. Oh, wait, she has enough energy to pull her boobs out of her top every 10 seconds or so, though. Yep. She does. And then she does it again. And again. There's no way the band can see them. There's no way the band would want to see them. Yet she keeps putting them out there for the world to see. But then a lady -- no wait, let's call her a saint -- a couple rows back has had enough. She goes right up to Boobie Exposer and tells her to stop. A verbal brawl erupts. I couldn't hear and don't know who won, but since I didn't see boobies again, I can safely say that everyone was a winner.

What else? Well, 38 Special opened the gig. Styx closed the show, but, to be honest, we did not stay for Styx. Unless the band was only going to play "Renegade" over and over, I'd rather have some stick toothpicks in my eye than watch Styx. I'm exaggerating, by the way. But not a lot.

All in all, and it's probably wrong as a critic to say this in print, but it was a good show. Speedwagon didn't play enough of "Hi Infidelity," a splendid rock record, but, you can't have everything, can you? You, though, can have this video of "Keep On Loving You":


sj said...

a) i am a little jealous that i didn't get to go to this concert. because i would have loved it.

b) i would also have likely gotten into a verbal brawl. well maybe not, but still. hilarious.

c) my good friend Sarah was at this concert and will also be attending the Judas Priest concert. Sarah and I need to hang out more.

Pat Ferrucci said...

Maybe Sarah was the one taking her boobies out?

sj said...

I'm not sure how I feel about you thinking that I hang with women (over a certain age) who expose themselves at concerts.

Only my friends under 35 do that, Pat. Come on, now.

Sarah would, however, have started a physical or verbal brawl.