Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Reason To Hate The Yankees

Lord knows there are plenty of reasons to hate the New York Yankees. The big, huge financial advantage they have on every team, the ridiculous and inflated offensive stats some players are putting up because they play in a little league park, the dumb push for dumb-face Tex to win MVP when Joe Mauer is having a historic season ... There are too many to list.

But maybe none of these matter to you. Well, if you have any taste whatsoever, this will: Many Yanks, led by Johnny "I Have Crappy Road Stats And Am Babe Ruth At Home This Year" Damon, are in Hartford tonight to see Scott Stapp and Creed. Seriously.

Do I need to write anything else? The Yankees and Creed, now that's a match made in Corporate Crap Heaven.


Anonymous said...

Wooooow....SOMEBODY'S has had WAY too many Red Bulls today.

I mean, most of us hate the Yankees to be sure....but it worries me that for some reason you know what's on the LoHud Yankees blog. Hey, maybe Johnny and his boys will score some of that leftover free Axe.

Anyway, even your Yankees rage is enjoyable this evening. Why? 'Cause I'm in ecstacy-inducing air conditioning tonight. Next to pizza, Pam Anderson, and the Venture Brothers, air conditioning is the Almighty's greatest invention. Wait. I'd put corn dogs in there somewhere too. Anyway, AC is good.

And Creed is, most assuredly, not.

Anonymous said...

Wowee Kazowee...Friday night was...ugly. No other word for it.

Let's hope today's plays out a little better.

Anonymous said...

That was quite a counterpunch.
Double ouch.

Tonight should be quite a slugfest.
Wish I could be there.
As it stands, I'll be lucky to stay awake past the fifth or sixth inning.

Anonymous said...

Something eerie to consider...both teams beat the other team by a total of 13 runs over the course of the weekend.


You tell me...

Paul O'neill said...

Your Yankee hatred is tiring and your complaints are BS- the Sox spend as much money and chase the same free agents every year, you get some, we get some. Obviously, being a lifelong loser (until 2004, anyway) really impacts your judgment. And as the Mets prove every year, a big payroll means absolutely nothing.

On the Creed front, I have no defense. They are the only band more wretched than Genesis!

Pat Ferrucci said...

As much as I like you, Paul, in the booth with Michael Kay, you should do some research. The Red Sox have the 6th highest payroll in baseball, more than $80 million (80!) behind the Yanks. The Sox payroll is only $120, so that $80 2/3 the entirety of the Sox. And this year, if the season ends today, every team that makes the playoffs would have a huge payroll. Money means a ton.