Saturday, August 01, 2009

Newport Folk Festival 2 - Mavis/Fleet Foxes/Gillian

What's wrong with me? So many people of my ilk just love the Fleet Foxes to death. I just can't do it. Oh, sure, I can appreciate their sound and skill and, especially, the harmonies, but the songs have no real hooks. Call me common and unable to understand all you want, but unless you're super special, your songs need a hook, something to bring people in and keep their interest.

I hear Fleet Foxes and sort of get into it, but then by mid-song, I'm dreaming of Chicken McNuggets or what's next ... in this case Iron & Wine. So, yeah, that's my thing with Fleet Foxes.

Mavis Staples, playing on a smaller stage at the same time as the Foxes (odd) performed a good amount of what you'd expect for her. A highlight was a spirited take on The Band's "The Weight," which was really cool.

As for Gillian Welch, well, you know what that was like. It was exactly what you'd think: professional, interesting, engaging and, honestly, really cool. David Rawlings is such a good guitar player. He makes me happy.

So that's it for now. I'm about to head over for Iron & Wine and then it's Decemberists time. Seeing that band play in front of this many people should be pretty cool. I just ran into Colin Meloy backstage. He talks just like he sings. Without historical references though ....

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