Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dispatch From The Bay State

Well, hello, friends.

I'm typing this from the couch at my folks' house, watching the Red Sox look lifeless against Justin Verlander. Let's hope that changes. I mean, Clay Buchholz is pitching a hell of a game; they can't waste this. Although, literally while I was typing that sentence, someone just homered off him.

Anyway, so vacation hasn't exactly started out the way I would have planned, and that's why I haven't exactly updated this here blog. But that's OK. Since I'm here in Boston, I'm going to check out Wye Oak tonight at the Middle East. I love Wye Oak and I love the Middle East. Good times.

Wye Oak (that's the them above) has played New Haven three times over the last year or so. They're the only band I've seen get forced to do an encore at BAR. They opened for The Broken West at my favorite concert of 2008 (that was at Cafe Nine). And then they came back to Cafe Nine a couple months ago. I missed that show because of a previous engagement, so I'm really excited about tonight.

What else? If you rush over to Live Nation, tickets for Springsteen at the Comcast on Wednesday are available. It won't be for long, that's for sure.

My little brother sent me this link a little while ago, but I kept forgetting to put it up. If this isn't one of the funniest stories you've ever read, I don't know what to say. Well, I guess you could just think of it as ridiculous. I don't know. My favorite part is that she carries around bolts and it's implied that she gets off while on the ride. Too weird and funny.

As someone posted in a comment, if you head over to NPR, you can download every Newport Folk Festival artist's set from the concert. I went over to that there site last Monday for the Josh Ritter set, and it only gave me half the performance. That's been fixed, thankfully.

My friend Noah, who lives in Hipster Haven, was walking down the street earlier today and walked by Will Sheff. Why Noah didn't tackle and kidnap him, I have no idea. He's clearly dumb and regrets it now.

I'm not sure if this story about Daughtry is flattering or not. I have no idea. I do know the band's recent CD is bad. That's one thing in life I'm sure of. Yep.

If that new Jay Leno show still does those funny headlines segments, then this should definitely be on there. I mean, replace "20" with, um, "two" and it'd be accurate.

And with that, I'm about done. I'll post again very soon, like tomorrow with a review of Wye Oak. Don't you worry.


Anonymous said...

Thank GOD.

Another one of those YouTube videos of cuddly kittens jumping in and out of boxes, and I was going to go into diabetic shock.

Anyway...sorry to hear that vacation has not shaped up to what you'd hoped. I am working and thinking, "Vacation, no matter the locale, doesn't sound so bad right about now." That was sincere.

Anyway, if there's a game tonight, I'll be shuttling down to Harbor Yard to Thirsty Thursday. It's Thursday, and I'm thirsty. I shall have one in your honor. And I'll have one in honor of every consonant you used in your post. What the heck - I'll have one in honor of every vowel too. After all, I AM thirsty.

Anyway, cheer up.
I'm sure Wye Oak doesn't like frowners.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday's "like tomorrow" is like...TODAY, now!

How was Wye Oak?

How are the Beantown Happy Hours?