Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Crap

You'll get to read a whole lot of my thoughts on last night's Golden Globe Awards come Friday in Weekend. For the most part, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association did its typical horrendous job of picking winners, but, of course, I took the time to complain and make bad jokes. Be on the lookout for that.

The only thing I will say about it is that for James Cameron's "Avatar" to be such a big winner is one of the biggest jokes in the history of the awards show. Coming on the heels of nominating "Nine" for some many trophies, the HFPA just looks like a bunch of star-struck idiots this morning. Idiots. And, now, I'm done with that.

Dinosaur Jr.'s show at Daniel Street on Friday was really good. It wasn't the best I've seen them over the last few years, but it was pretty damn good.

And, lastly, in case you missed it, I wrote a feature story on Dawn Landes for today's paper. Check it out here. Here she is performing the new tune "Romeo" a couple months ago:

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Anonymous said...

I gotta I was watching the Golden Travesty last night, I was laughing to myself thinking, "Wow, Pat must be GAGGING."

I mean, the Mayans DID predict end of days. OK, so they said 2012. Little did we know it would be a Sunday night in January.

"Avatar" the best picture?!
Downey Jr best actor in a comedy?
Mrs. Jesse James the best actress?!


OK, so here's my take...
I can't fathom WHY they even LET the Hollywood Foreign Press vote on the television shows. Do we get to vote on Japanese game shows? Italian talk shows? So WHY do they get to vote on shows that their native lands will likely NEVER see?! Ridiculous.

ANYWAY...on to the movies.
There's a school of thought that says the Hollywood Foreign Press votes for films that will "play well" in their countries. Visual films that require less "explanation" and overdubbing fare better than talky, "serious" films. Guess that would explain "Avatar" (hey, I'm reaching, that's all I've got). The AWFUL Sherlock Holmes movie is all but incomprehensible in plot, but it IS visually arresting. That MIGHT explain Downey (and frankly, the Hangover...I mean, that plus the fact that it makes Americans look like stupid idiots). I can' QUITE fathom WHAT would push Sandy Bullock out in front of some of her competition (Carey Mulligan should have won this, hands down). Perhaps she courted the Hollywood Foreign Press more actively and aggresively than the others (that infectious snorting giggle translates well into ANY language).

Again, I won't even waste the words on their television choices. Who cares what a handful of critics think about our good old American TV pablum?

Then again, why am I so worked up over their film choices?

Oh wait. I remember.
Because they were INSANE.

Oh, and other than his opening remarks, even Ricky Gervais was terrible.

And with that, I'll turn the floor over to the esteemed critic from Boston and the Elm City...