Saturday, September 16, 2006

Oh, my: New TV shows

I have seen the worst new TV show of 2006. I cannot imagine anything more boring, poorly acted or absurdly written.

You see, Register TV and Radio Editor Joe Amarante's been passing along some of the pilots for the new TV season after he's done watching them. Almost all the Fox shows I've caught (especially "Vanished") have been good. CBS fare like "Shark" and "Smith" seem OK, but that's when we get to the monstrosity that is Lina.

Who's Lina you ask? She is the most annoying television character I have ever seen, even more than Megan Mullally's idiotic, one-note Karen from "Will & Grace," and that says a ton.

Actress Heather Goldenhersh plays Lina in "The Class," which premieres at 8 p.m. Monday on CBS.

Goldenhersh thinks she's Lucille Ball or something, acting so over-the-top and ridiculous it made me want to bang my head up against the wall ... over and over again. And she's just the worst of the bunch.

This show is so bad; it was honestly like a train wreck, so I had to keep watching. None of the actors, including star Jason Ritter, should ever be in a sitcom. They can't do comedy to save their lives. They have no timing, no delivery, but overcompensate with ridiculous attempts at physical comedy. It was sad.

But this all goes back to Goldenhersh, who is awful, simply atroicious. "The Class" won't last long, thank god. Nobody with any kind of brain will think it's interesting.

One thing of note about the shows I watched: The very conservative CBS shows nipple for a brief second in the Ray Liotta action show "Smith." With the help of my trusty DVD player, which can slow things down way slower than most, I saw it. Believe me, the "Smith" pilot's got some nip slip in it. Wow.

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