Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday Sports

Since the best part of Sunday papers is the notes columns in the sports sections, I thought I would write my own for this blog.

When I was growing up, I couldn’t wait for Sunday mornings to eagerly flip to Will McDonough and Peter Gammons’ columns in the Boston Globe. I still love getting the Globe and checking out what Gordon Edes and Ron Borges have to say. And, of course, I always read what big Swaggerts fan and Register columnist Dave Solomon writes.

But enough about them, so here’s what I’ve been thinking …

All those people who keep saying Jason Varitek is the Red Sox MVP have been forgetting how he was the one calling all those home-run pitches from Beckett and Schilling all year. You can actually trace the team’s horrific times back to Tim Wakefield’s injury. When you don’t have a fifth starter, and then your number two goes down, problems start occurring. Varitek is going to end up one of Theo Epstein's worst signings. You don't re-up 33-year-old catchers. You just don't.

Ryan Howard and Johnny Damon sure look like MVPs to me.

Is there any reason to watch the men’s draw at the U.S. Open now that Andre Agassi is done? Nobody’s beating Roger Federer.

Serena Williams has looked pretty good this week, especially for someone who clearly puts tennis second nowadays.

The Mets are in for a world of hurt if Pedro Martinez is not completely healthy. Tom Glavine has a career 5.15 ERA in League Division Series, El Duque couldn’t strike me out any more, Steve Trachsel takes hours between pitches because he’s afraid of what’s going to happen and John Maine is a good number-four starter.

For all the talk about how bad Alex Rodriguez has been and how good David Wright is, their numbers look pretty identical to me.

As bad as Register Editor Jack Kramer’s World Series pick of the Dodgers looked in April, there might not be a better trio of starting pitchers than Brad Penny, Derek Lowe and Greg Maddux heading into the playoffs.

After taking a look at the team’s schedule, the New York Giants and their fans may be in for a disappointing season. I see an 8-8 in the Giants’ future. Although that’s much better than the 4-12 in store for the Jets.

Speaking of 8-8 seasons, Dante Culpepper has looked like a pretty ordinary quarterback when Randy Moss isn’t lining up next to him. Don’t forget he was awful in 2005 before he got injured.

Although Tom Brady could quarterback the West Haven High football team to the playoffs, I can’t see the Patriots doing any better than they did last year.

Anyone who has watched international basketball in the last decade shouldn’t be the least bit surprised by the United States only taking the bronze medal in the WBC. The Greek team ran 6 million pick-and-roll plays in a row, and not once could the U.S. stop it.

Coach K. should take a little heat for his handling of the team. The U.S. had real problems rebounding, yet Elton Brand and Dwight Howard spent most of the game on the bench.

I can’t wait for football to start Thursday. Just can’t wait.

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