Thursday, December 14, 2006

Baby Blogging

As my colleague and fellow huge music fan Mike Foley points out in his Kid You Not blog, Mates of State now have a blog up on the "urban parenting" site Babble.

You remember earlier this year when the former East Havenites set out on their tour promoting the new disc? Well, you see, they did it with baby Magnolia in tow.

So the two (well, Kori, really) write about their experiences touring with a baby in the appropriately named Band On The Diaper Run.

Now, you might think that this may not be of much interest to us non-parents, but the blog is actually a good read and funny. Plus, big fans of the Mates get a little inside info.

Oh yeah, there's a reason we should care about this: The duo is a really great band. Check out Kori and Jason out at Toad's Place Jan. 13.

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