Monday, December 11, 2006

Folkie Fugazi

Ian McKaye hates it when you mention his current project, The Evens, in the same sentence as his legendary post-punk band Fugazi. What can I say? Folks hate me for many a reason.

Anyway, The Evens play The Space tonight, so Fugazi/Minor Threat/McKaye disciples (and there are tons) take note: Ian will be in Hamden. Ian will be in Hamden.

But if you're looking for post-rock, you won't get it with The Evens, a duo (with Amy Farina of The Warmers) that's put out two very pleasant, atmospheric folk records. And I know this is sacrilegious, but I actually like some Evens stuff better than a lot of Fugazi. Wait a second while I wait for lightening to strike.

It didn't happen. I guess the Register building is impervious to bad weather. So for only $5, head over to The Space for the 8:30 p.m. show tonight. I'll make it if I'm not dead.

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