Monday, December 04, 2006

A Post for a Blogless few days

Occasionally I'm just a little too busy to update this blog. Well, hold on, let me be honest: I was too busy Thursday, and then I was too lazy this weekend. With all that said, I've got a few things on my mind, so we're going to do a notes column.
  • Why do people feel the need to write me angry e-mails about CD reviews? In last week's Gift Guide IV, I wrote a review of Hall & Oates' Christmas record. The disc stinks. It flat out brings nothing to the table, no good arrangements, half-hearted renditions ... I could go on. I've gotten about 25 e-mails, all nasty, about this review. Only one person wrote in to tell me how right I was. Of course, of those 25, only three admitted to owning the disc. But the point is this: If you like the CD, who cares what I think? I listen to plenty of music that I would not give a good review to. You don't need me to validate your musical choices.
  • Tonight's the Billboard Music Awards, one of the worst shows of the year. Paris Hilton and Britney Spears were set to host, now both have pulled out. I'm sure this is going to be fun. Look for my diary of the night in Friday's Weekend section.
  • Even though the Patriots keep winning, I'm not a believer yet. Tom Brady hasn't looked like himself all season and the offense is turning the ball over at an alarming rate. And speaking of sports, as a Red Sox fan, I'm not happy about JD Drew.
  • Two very good local discs will see the light of day this week. Make sure to check out Mike Lasala's "This Strange Place" and the new EP from Shadowgraphs. Both would make a great gift your favorite local scenester. And both will be talked about in Friday's Weekend.
  • Speaking of local scenes, last week's Weekend featured a Making a Mix on the "Towers of New London Volume IV." A lot of those bands will be appearing at The Oasis soon. The venue is a club now being booked by Sean Murray, a guy who knows good music and will bring the great Tim Easton to the New London bar this Friday.
  • Just got off the phone with a 72-year-old ex-DJ who wanted to know why there's no commercial radio station playing old-time country. I wonder myself. He can't stand new-school Nashville. Who can?
  • Haven't heard the entirety of the new Shins record yet, but let's just say that when the album hits stores in January, fans of the band will surely have their lives changed again. The "Garden State" rockers' new song, "Phantom Limb," is totally amazing, way better than ANYTHING they've done to date.
  • I'm about done now. Let's talk again, soon. OK?

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