Monday, March 12, 2007

Manic Monday

Factoring in the name of this blog, and the headline I just put on this entry, you'd think I was a big Bangles fan or something. I'm not sure if that's true or not. Interesting, though. If I start bringing up "Eternal Flame," then you know we have problems.

Anyway, so much has happened over this weekend. Let's first pay tribute to Brad Delp (left), the singer for classic rockers Boston. Delp died in New Hampshire on Friday, and will be missed.

I had the opportunity to interview Brad in person a few years back (and then again a couple years later), before he was playing a gig with his Beatles tribute band at a bar in Boston. One of my biggest pet peeves is how when someone dies, they're all of a sudden "the nicest person in the world," but Brad really was a genuinely nice guy. He liked to talk, and mostly he liked to play music. Here's a guy that was in one of the best-selling bands of all time, and he didn't have to work anymore, yet he was playing in a tribute band, performing at dingy bars just for kicks.

It's a very sad thing; Delp was only 55. But we'll never stop hearing his amazingly perfect voice, ever. Boston's debut album is one of the very few records that at any given time, you can hear any song from it on the radio. Think about that: Every song on "Boston" is a radio staple. Amazing stuff. Add in "Don't Look Back" and "Amanda," and you'll be hearing Delp forever.


Richard Jeni committed suicide Sunday. Here's another guy I've interviewed. Pretty funny comedian. Not great, but good. In all seriousness, it must be hard being a comedian. Most never make much money, and the ones like Jeni get a taste of success, but never really attain it.

Go listen to the new Wilco tune. It sounds like The Band, or even The Dead. Good stuff. I've heard the record once. I'm not sure how much I like it yet. It's definitely very good, but is it great? I'll let you know in a few weeks.

So the NCAA tourney is about to start later this week. This is a lot of folks' favorite part of the sports year. And while Providence blew too many games at the end of the year, I'll still be watching. How Syracuse, with 22 wins overall and 10 wins in the best conference in America, could be out is so beyond me.

So Kate Moss decided to talk to the press, and she complained, but never mentioned that overrated boyfriend of hers, Pete Doherty. I think Kate should worry about laying off the nose candy, then maybe she can complain about the press that she invited to cover her little fashion show.

You know what the worst thing in the world would be? Well, maybe not the worst thing, but it'd be pretty damn awful if Fred Thompson quit "Law & Order" to become president. The former senator is so good on the show. And he's such an awful politician, what with his wacko views and all. At the bottom of this linked story, just look at the things he believes. I may not be conservative, but this guy's views are just dumb and ignorant.

Remember "Parker Lewis Can't Lose"? Well, go watch it here.

My friend Harris is probably very happy that The Drifters avoided serious injuries in a crash. I'm not sure how many, if any, members of the group are an original member, but these guys did "Under the Boardwalk."

Aerosmith will perform in India for the first time. Oh those poor Indian people. Having to see Steven Tyler in person is about as awful a thing possible. The man is a walking Botox needle, singing crappy music.

No matter how bad a movie looks, never underestimate comic-book geeks: They will run and see anything. Wow, "300" had the best March opening for a movie ever. Amazing stuff.

Here's something about R.E.M.'s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. For a while, in the mid '90s, the Athens quartet may have been a tad overrated. Now the foursome is easily one of the most underrated bands of all time. This is a group that's only real contemporary is U2, and while that band gets more good pub than Mother Theresa ever did (of course, Bono is the Music Jesus), yet makes mediocre music (now), R.E.M. keeps pumping out challenging and good records. And speaking of the group's records ....

Go here to listen to Avril Lavigne's new single, "Girlfriend," in many different languages. What's the saying? Oh yeah: "No matter what language you sing it in, a bad song still sounds bad."

Thank God, it looks like my future wife is single again.

On television tonight, two of the only shows I actually watch: "Prison Break" and "The Black Donnellys." I don't eat candy or anything, but "Prison Break" acts just like sweets to me. It's just too good. As for "Donnellys," I caught it by accident one night and liked it. There have only been two episodes, so I'm reserving final judgement.

Speaking of TV, the wonderful Joe Amarante let me take his "Entourage" screener home this weekend, which let me watch the first five episodes of the upcoming season. Good stuff. When I was a kid, I used to have a crush on Carla Gugino. After watching these episodes, I realized that I still do.

Most local venues are closed tonight, but head over to Cafe Nine for Beatnik 2000, which will feature The Lost Forty Fives.

Talk to you tomorrow. Have a good day and night. OK?

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ChrisB. said...

I hung out with the Drifters once, when I was in fourth or fifth grade AND Ben E. King was touring with the group. To this day it is one of the single greatest experiences of my life. They were the coolest dudes I'd ever met; I remember hanging out in that dressing room thinking that I'd finally found my goal in life. Minutes before I was still dreaming of being an astronaut, but now I wanted to be just one thing: a smokin' cool black guy wearing a white suit singing "Stand By Me."