Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Post Justin Notebook

Here are just a few thoughts about last night's Justin Timberlake show at Mohegan Sun Arena. You can read my full review of the concert in Monday's Register, right on page D1.
  • I've never heard the sound at Mohegan Sun Arena as bad as it was last night. The Arena is actually one of the best-sounding big rooms that I've ever attended. I have no idea if it was the venue or the sound guy, but something was amiss.
  • After the show, as I was leaving, I got a big laugh seeing all the parents waiting for their kids outside of the Arena. They looked bored, very bored and on edge.
  • With that said, the audience was much older than I thought it would be, with about 90 percent of it being twentysomething women.
  • And those women, man oh man, I don't think they give a crap what Timberlake's music sounds like. Why else would they scream until they're dizzy ever time he comes near?
  • To the woman I saw lift up her shirt when Timberlake approached her side of the stage: He's seen better. And, if you can't handle that much beer, stop drinking.
  • The stage was huge. Actually, it was way too big. I had great seats. I wasn't on the floor, but I was in the second row, about 15 feet from one part of the stage. And since I was in seats, I could see over everybody's head. Yet, there were many parts of the show when the performer would go to the other side of the stage, and I couldn't see anything.
  • This might go without saying, but I have never, ever, ever gone to such an attractive show. Sure, most of the women were wildly over-dressed, but they were looking good.
  • Speaking of over-dressed, listen up ladies: A Justin Timberlake show is not a prom. And, I don't think it's smart to wear very high heels when you have floor tickets, meaning you'll be standing. I saw too many women holding their shoes after about an hour. I saw one telling people her shoes were stolen. Um, OK. Mohegan is a very clean place, but not clean enough for bare feet.
  • Pink needs to retire. Now.
  • Talk to you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

What's the point of going to a Justin Timberlake concert all dressed up. It's not like they're going to get him, and they're foolish if they think they will.

I guess it's a good place for a single guy like you though to look. You must have felt odd there.