Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh, Owen

Let's talk about good detective work, good ol' Lennie Briscoe-like detective work. So last night some friends and I took in the Rocky Votolato, Owen, Drag the River and Aeroplane, 1929 show at the Hamden Masonic Temple.

It was a great show, but a little odd. So after Aeroplane's energetic set that featured guitarist/keyboardist Noah Goldman playing his guitar with a vibrator, we headed out to the car to stand outside and, um, stand. But wouldn't you know, my little Honda Civic was parked next to a Honda Element. Some guy and his female friend got into the Element. That's when the fun started.

For about 20 minutes, she sat motionless in the passenger seat while he blasted '80s punk rock — Misfits stuff and such — and he just frantically air-drummed (you thought this going somewhere else, right? Get your mind out of the gutter). Anyway, this went on to the point where we were all laughing out loud and, through quick glances, noticing that he was sweating a ton. That didn't matter, the dude just blared the Rawk while sitting in his car, air-drumming away. The whole parking lot could hear the music, but, whatever, you know? He was going to air drum.

So then we go inside to see the so-good-I-can't-stop-listening-to-them Drag the River. The guy from the Element? He walks in and goes and takes a seat at a merch table.
I say to friends, "I think that may be Owen." My friend Jeff responds, "Owen, who is he?" My response? "He's the guy playing before Rocky; he's from Joan of Arc."

Then Jeff asks where Joan of Arc is from. I say, "Chicago." And then, putting his detective hat on, Jeff says, "The air-drummer's car had Illinois plates." Mystery solved. Owen — nee Mike Kinsella, above — likes to pump himself up by playing air-drums for a half-hour before all his shows.

Oh, yeah, when Owen took the stage, he asked everyone to sit down on the floor and then proceeded to play the quietest music you'll ever hear.

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abirdinhand said...

Haaaahaha!!! That's hilarious.

I went to go see Rainer Maria and The Format play in Chicago at the Metro and Mike Kinsella (OWEN) was in the corner of the stage air drumming the whole time to Rainer Maria.

It was hilarious and hearing this story makes it ten times better... because now I know he just didn't do that there for whatever reason... He does that everywhere. Well, where's there music at least.

Anyways, great blog. :D