Thursday, March 15, 2007

Now It's On

About two minutes ago, the 2007 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament tipped off (with Bobby Knight, who's going to lose today, left), an event that will bridge the gap between football and baseball for many of us sports fans. You see, when the Super Bowl ends, my life goes into a giant depression because there aren't any sports.

That all changes when baseball begins in April. Come March though, when the depression is at its worst, it always gets a little better when the tourney starts. Sure, I can watch some NBA games here and there, but, like college basketball, the NBA isn't really interesting, to me, until the playoffs.

It's on, now, though. And my spirits are rising. If you were to walk by my desk right now, you'd see a very smiley boy. If you're looking for more of my random thoughts on the tournament, check out the Register's Couch Potato Blog, which will find me sitting in my apartment and posting thoughts during tomorrow's games. We'll see ... I'll probably just whine that Providence College missed out on the big dance, even thought it didn't deserve a spot and lost in the first round of the NIT last night.
In other news, we should all be scared, seriously, that Angelina Jolie could show up here in New Haven and adopt us. I mean, I guess there would be positive aspects to that, but this women is an adopting machine.

The star of bad TV shows, crappy action flicks with Gary Busey and some softcore skin flicks on Cinemax has been arrested for drunk driving. If that's all you did, you might want some alcohol relief, too.

It was announced yesterday that Brad Delp's death was actually a suicide. It's so sad, really.

Miss America went back to Oklahoma. I find it amazing that anyone would care about this. But what I find even more amazing is how every Miss America looks exactly the same.

Thank God this didn't happen in Bridgeport a few months back; there might have been a riot.

Universal has decided that "Peaceful Warrior" is such a bad flick, that it will give away tickets. Those are my words, not the company's. Of course, it uses some marketing speak about this is a good idea. All I know is that the trailer to this weirdo drama looks damn awful, and its release has been delayed like 341 times. That spells bad movie.

Um, the True Colors Tour was announced? If a tree falls in the forest ...

It stinks being a Ben Folds fan right now. You see, I would have found somebody else to review John Mayer's show at the Dodge later this summer, because, of course, his music makes me want to vomit and a concert filled with screaming middle-school-aged girls is not my cup of tea. But now it's been announced Folds will open. I will go and review ... and deal with the high-pitched screaming. I reviewed a Mayer show for a Boston paper about four years ago (and I've been to another since). His feminine rock music wasn't loud, but I had to wear earplugs to drown out the screams. Mayer's audience can be described best by Matthew McConaughey's character in "Dazed in Confused": He gets older, and they stay the same age.

It's only the first leg, but I'm thinking the Moz won't be coming to Connecticut. I'm sad.

It looks like "The Riches" did very well in the ratings this week. We had a conversation in our Features Department yesterday about Minnie Driver. I believe she has a huge, bulbous head.

I don't watch "The Gilmore Girls" for obvious reasons, but I may start now since GEDDY is on it.

And that's about it on this end. I must get to making Weekend as pretty as possible for you, my lovely readers.

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