Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Finally, A Post

I know, I know, it's been a little while. Sorry. We've been running super-sized Weekend sections for the last couple weeks and my time for blogging has seen a drastic decrease. I know, you don't care about excuses. I'll try to be better. I swear.

Anyway, what a weekend of concerts I witnessed. The Puppet House hosted Zach, The Tires and The Rafter Bats Friday. All three bands sounded great, and there's nothing like seeing a show when weird-looking puppets are staring at you from the walls. My friend Harris said it best when he whispered, "You know, it's just a little creepy."

On Saturday, a small-but-powerful crowd witnessed John Vanderslice at The Space. All who attended were in agreement that is was one of the best shows ever at the Hamden venue. Vanderslice is always talkative on stage, but at the end of his performance, he shut the PA off, and invited the crowd to gather around the stage. He then did a couple songs without any kind of amplification. So good. Peter Hughes of The Mountain Goats joined him on stage, as well. After the show, some went over to a dance studio in the same complex as The Space, and JV helped out. Look at the video here.

And while all these shows were going down, the Red Sox were in the midst of sweeping the Yankees, making Joe Amarante cry and forcing Joe Torre to single-handily ruin the team's bullpen for at least another week or so. Good stuff.

We've got quite weekend coming up, too. Another Red Sox-Yankees series, and a couple great festivals, with the Daffodil Fest in bloom in Meriden and the Green Earth Fair in Westport. Read all about both in Friday's Weekend. Also on tap for Weekend is full reviews of this very good batch of CDs, which hit streets today.

Arctic Monkeys"Favourite Worst Nightmare"
three-and-a-half stars

Maria McKee"Late December"
Cooking Vinyl
four stars

Dntel"Dumb Luck"
Sub Pop
two stars

Marillion"Somewhere Else"
three-and-a-half stars

In other news, I'm sad about the death of David Halberstam (that's him above). That means two of my all-time favorite authors (with Kurt Vonnegut) have died in the past couple weeks. There really isn't a better sports book than Halberstam's "Summer of '49."

The founder of "Girls Gone Wild" is going to jail. How sad! He adds so much to popular culture. Seriously, this guy should have gone to jail a long time ago. Isn't everything he does a form of date rape, taking advantage of drunk women, and girls?

Dolores O'Riorden says a Cranberries reunion is very possible. If a tree falls in the forest .... I know, I'm underestimating how important "Zombie" and "Linger" are to our society.

So this girl is the champion text-messenger of the world. My friend Danny could probably compete.

And that's about it from this end. Enjoy the weather since it may not last. But, remember, it's always sunny here at Blog Like An Egyptian.

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