Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Late-Breaking Releases

Well, yeah, I know CD releases for today have been scheduled for months, but they're still late-breaking news because I'm putting them up on this blog so late in the evening. Anyway, better late than never, right?

So here we go. Remember, you can check out full reviews of all these releases in Friday's Weekend.

Avril Lavigne -- "The Best Damn Thing"

Nine Inch Nails -- "Year Zero"
Nothing Records
two stars

The Comas -- "Spells"
three stars

Joshua English -- "Trouble None"
Welcome Home
three stars

What other news is there? Let's see. Kristin Hirsch, main member of Throwing Muses, plays Cafe Nine Wednesday night, which is sure to be an intimate and engaging show.

The governor of Florida is thinking about pardoning the Doors' Jim Morrison over an indecent exposure charge from 1970. Oh yeah, Morrison's been dead forever. I'm sure he'll be happy the gov. said everything is A-OK.

According to this report, this season's "Bachelor" is just wonderful. I doubt it. But, what I do know is that a 25-year-old woman from Bethel (that's her above) is still in the running. She could be one lucky person, huh? Um, yeah right.

CBS is one powerful network, but NBC stinks, says this report from Neilsen. In other news, this story also says nobody should get too attached to Fox's new show "Drive," which looks like it won't be long for this world.

Speaking of canceled shows, if you got hooked on "The Black Donnellys," catch a couple unaired episodes here. I enjoyed the first couple episodes of this drama, but it started going downhill quickly. There just wasn't anywhere to go with the plot.

Lily Allen canceled her US tour. When asked why, she said, "It's because I suck and I wouldn't want to force people to listen to me pointlessly swearing over my crappy music."

Here's a fun little quiz from my nemesis, Entertainment Weekly. Have fun.

OK, I'm done now. Talk soon.

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Avril's new music seems so... Greenday.