Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sort-Of Opening Day

We'll really talk about baseball's Opening Day tomorrow, when the bulk of teams begin the season, but today is officially the day. At 8 p.m., the Mets and the Cardinals will face off to get the whole season started. There's nothing I like better than baseball season. As I type this, I'm shaking with delight. That's that.

But let me tell a short story, off the subject. Back in 2004, I went to visit my friend Jason in Gainesville, Florida, where he's still working on getting his PhD in some kind of chemistry at the University of Florida.

So after an evening of drinking beer, we were hungry and went to this fast-food Mexican place called Moe's, which I did not know to be a chain at the time. It was great. So let's fast-forward three years to now. A Moe's opened up in Milford. I got a little note about it in the mail. I decided I had to go and see if it was as good as I remembered. But, of course, I was nervous because everything tastes better when you've had a few beers. Well, let me say that Moe's was just as good as I remembered, I ate sober, and I didn't even have a fish taco, which I will enjoy next time.

In other news, I wish I lived in Ireland.

Not all those "Family Ties" children turned out well, I guess. I remember seeing this one on VH1, playing crappy punk music and claiming his band was going to be huge. More and more I'm beginning to believe that letting your child act professionally adds up to child abuse.

So Ricky Martin is defending musicians' right to come out of the closet. I guess this is noble or something, but I doubt the artists really care what Ricky Martin thinks.

And I'll leave you with a fun little quiz that Entertainment Weekly has up on its site. Can you name the hair metal band posted? Not to brag or anything, but I did score a 10 out of 10.

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year. See you then.

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