Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Releases And More

OK, I'm going to try this again. I wrote an entire post and it got lost. So blame Blogger and the Google people for making this short.

Anyway, the only real release of the week is Bright Eyes. The Omaha band puts out "Cassadaga" today. The record is a real step forward for Conor Oberst and company. Go pick it up.

In other news, tonight's Meat Loaf show at the Chevrolet Theatre has been canceled due to an illness that struck Mr. Loaf. For info on refunds, here's a release directly from Live Nation:

Tonight's Meat Loaf performance has been cancelled. Credit card transactions via the Internet, Ticketmaster charge-by-phone or Chevrolet Theatre Box Office will be automatically refunded. Refunds for credit card transactions at Ticketmaster outlets must be made at point of purchase. Refunds for cash transactions at Ticketmaster outlets or Chevrolet Theatre Box Office must be made at point of purchase.

Sorry for the short post. Like I wrote, I had a bigger one, but there's not enough time to go find all those links again. I'll post a longer one soon, I promise.
But in the meantime, go to Joe Amarante's blog to read an interesting discussion on Don Imus, who I, unlike Joe, think should be canned. And not only for his racist remarks, but for being so out of touch and so not-at-all funny, ever.

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