Thursday, July 03, 2008

July 4 Video

Thanks to my friend Jay Kubeck for stopping by and joining the fun.


Anonymous said...

We long time readers know that you were a die hard Cutters fan - so it was really nice to read such an evenhanded account of the Bluefish in today's Weekend section.

The stadium is but a hop, skip and jump from my workplace, and I have to say it's one of - if not the ONLY - jewel in the crown that is Bridgeport. The adjacent arena ain't much to speak of (though it is vaguely reminiscint of the old NH Coliseum, God rest its soul), but the stadium has always been neat, clean, family-friendly and frankly - cheaper than going to the movies these days. Glad you had a good time (I won't ask how you made it down from New Haven in 18 minutes, though I do hope you didn't pay to much for the airfare), and hope you'll pop down now and again for games.

If you're so inclined, there's a very cool bar/restaurant within strolling distance. It's called Ralph 'N Rich's and is across from the Barnum Museum. Stand in the street in front of RNR's, and you see the stadium dead ahead. RNR's is kind of a throwback to the chic 60's supper club bars - full of read leather banquettes, Rat Pack photos, and an "L-shaped" bar that's both swanky and inviting. I know it's a bit of a weird juxtaposition with going to a game (where part of the experience is a brew and chicken fingers), but I'd tell you to give RNR's a shot someday when you've got a little time before a game.

Anonymous said...

Crap thy name is Will Smith.

"Hancock" is awful.

And since when is 80 minutes worth $10?

This movie was made all that much worse by the smug presumption of the studio that if Will films it, they will come. Did anyone bother to read the script first? How many times can "homo" be funny? Trick question. The answer is "Never." Did anyone bother to check whether the director can actually direct? Trick question. This thing plays like it was cobbled together by chimps with A.D.D.

This "movie" is insulting trash masquerading as PG-13 entertainment. Jason Bateman, how could you? If you actually DO make an "Arrested Development" movie, all will be forgiven. But not until then.

Anyway - I'm not sure if I was being too subtle.
I HATED this.
I swear, if "Sex and the City" had been playing in the next theater, I would have switched auditoriums and watched that.

I saw Jeff Cagle from People magazine on TV this morning defending this garbage. He claims that it was so badly maligned by other critics that he went in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. He then went on to twitter incoherently about the American Girl movie and held up some dolls claiming that maybe they were characters from the movie, but that holding a doll disturbed him. I think both these anecdotes tell you all that you need to know about Jeff Cagle.

As for me - I now loathe all things personal AND professional about Will Smith. Please go away, Big Willie. Please go away.