Thursday, September 04, 2008

Friday Video!

Here it is, in all its ridiculous glory. Thanks to Play editor (and softball teammate) Jeff Petrin for helping out.


Anonymous said...

Wow - a pseudo-automat AND the return of the "thumbs up." I'm as happy as a clam! A $2.50 clam!

So, my topics du jour are as follows:

1) Thanks to my trusty pal Ray, I saw a rough cut (that's what they said, though it seemed pretty complete to me) of "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." Until it sort of wimps out in Act 3, it's actually pretty dirty, filthy fun. And Elizabeth Marvel may be my new secret girlfriend (please don't tell Scarlett Johannson). Rogen is Rogen, which is a good thing indeed. The only thing that bothered me is that Kevin Smith seems to be doing Judd Apatow, only smuttier. Anyway, I think it'll make Smith some money. Now when do we get Rogen's "Green Hornet"?

2)My mom used to take my brother and I to an automat when we were little. My brother would swipe candy from home when he knew we were going. We'd get our sandwiches out of the little food carousel, but before the door shut, my brother would throw the candy in, then he and I would hide behind a nearby table to see if anyone would buy the candy. Hey, we were kids.

I didn't say it was a GOOD story, I just said it was a story.

3) I'm sure that you can speak to this more than I, Pat, but is it wrong to expect a teeny tiny bit of personality from bands and performers that you see in clubs? I mean, since when is it OK to glare menacingly at your audience as if we had just intruded on a jam session in their basement? I mean, I don't ask for Vegas lounge patter, but some recognition that we exist actually would be nice. Tonight we schlepped our cookies down to Milford to see Kaki King at Daniel Street. She is a crackerjack guitarist to be sure. But she barely spoke a word to the audience over the course of an hour and a half, save to make a snide crack about the crowd being too loud (um, it IS a bar, and the bartenders DID have the TVs on, through no fault of the patrons). Similar instances have sprung up recently - we hoof it out in great anticipation of seeing a band or solo artist and then feel as if we, the audience, are bothering them. I don't get it. Not a big enough cut of the door?

sj said...

that is a dizzying array of vending machines.

literally. and figuratively. (because it moves, and all)

we have no vending machines where i work, but we do have a cafeteria that has an omelet bar every other week, and gourmet salad bar twice a week.

but i think that's *just like* what you have there at the register. right?