Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friday Video!


Anonymous said...

I had the Roy Hobb's music from The Natural all queued up to play behind the video... I mean, I was pumped for your full page softball spread in Weekend, but I was sincerely hope that those of us who missed it would get to catch some of it on video. Instead, nary a mention. I mean, I thought maybe a la Letterman, you'd let each of your teammates read off "Pat's Top Ten Things To Do This Weekend" or something. Oh well - guess we'll just have to deal. On the bright side, at least the orange shirt has gone into hiding.

sj said...

i am looking forward to next week's edition, i must say. particularly because, well, i feel i need to divulge the fact that i will be um...


i'll be at the connecticut ren faire. um. for all three weekends. and i may be in costume. and i might be singing.

right. i'm going to go eat a turkey leg now.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeeeeeeeeahh...forgot all about the Renaissance Faire (note the Olde Englishe "e") that you made reference to in the video until I read the last blog post. Thanks SJ!

Tell you what...we'll forget ALL about that orange shirt incident and pretend it never happened if - in honor of the Renaissance Faire -you'll wear armor for next week's video. C' it for US! We'd do it for you! OK, if not a whole suit, just the helmet?! You don't know how that would perk up a dull, lifeless Friday morning at the office. Now I can't stop thinking about it. Pleeeease. I'm begging you. I swear, just talking about it makes the memory of the orange shirt fuzzier and fuzzier...

Anonymous said...

P.S. -

Gotta disagree with old Harris on "Lakeview Terrace." I paid for this and...thought it was junk. Someone on set should have given Samuel Jackson a knife and fork, all the better for him to chew the scenery with. I mean, why not just give him a twirly black moustache and cape so that we could hiss each time he appeared? I know moviegoing calls for a suspension of belief, but...this was not remotely credible for a second.

And as for LaBute...well, after seeing most of his film and stage work, I'm not convinced that this guy isn't a one trick pony. His stories inevitably consist of one or more characters who are despicable creeps, and there's usually some sort of surprise plot twist at the end. Good lord, I've just described "Lakeview Terrace" for those of you who want to waste your money. Sue me.

In a slightly different vein - on Thursday, I caught a press screening of "Synecdoche" by Charlie Kaufman and, lemme tell you, this one outweirds even weird Charlie. I'm, well, honestly not sure if I loved it or hated it. It's either brilliant or quirkily self-indulgent in a LaBute kind of way, but it's definitely something you won't forget when you see it. I'm pretty sure I'll plop down my $10 to see it again when it opens locally, but...forewarned is forearmned...this ain't your typical cineplex fare.

Pat Ferrucci said...

I've been looking forward to "Synecdoche" since I heard about it. Charlie Kaufman can go either way for me, but I still can't wait.

As for no mention of the championship within the video, just wait. We have yet to receive the trophy. I'm very excited about that moment.

I saw "Ghost Town" over the weekend. I guess it was funnier it should have been, but, you know, it was very predictable and schlocky. Not bad though.


Anonymous said...

Then I think you'll dig "Synedoche" - it's suitably trippy and really well done. And if you're a fan of Kaufman's writing (as any good English major would be), then be prepared to be wow'ed. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is pretty amazing in it. And that creepy serial killer from the old "Manhunter" movie (Tom Noonan) is also in it. To this day, the guy gives me the willies.

OK, we'll keep up hope about the video - I mean, I hope the whole team gets their moment in the video sun. Really. A Pat's "Top Ten" list will assure that each person gets to say SOMETHING. Although I suspect NOT hold the trophy. I suspect they will have to pry that from your cold dead hands.

"Ghost Town" WAS better that it should have been. Why? Gervais. Without Gervais, there wouldn't have been much reason for this movie to exist. And...oh yeah...that Tea Leoni. Now I know why Duchovney has that addiction thing. If I were Mr. Tea Leoni (a title I would hold with honor), I would be a happy, happy man. Saw it for bargain matinee prices, and I didn't feel a bit cheated.