Friday, February 27, 2009

The Ol' Weekend Section

There's no video this week for a variety of reasons that include lack of time, forgetfulness, online never coming to find me, me never finding online, going to the bathroom one too many times, butterflies in my tummy and so much more.

Not all of those reasons are true, but that's OK. Anyway, here are the main stories from today's Weekend section:

Todd Lyon stopped in at Heirloom
, the new restaurant on Chapel.

As you may have expected, here's my notebook about the Oscars.

If you know Joe Amarante, maybe you knew he likes Tom Selleck. Or doesn't.

My good friend Harris McCabe gives us a review of "Two Lovers."

You want a set of album reviews?

How about a column about poker strategy?

Oh, and if you want to plan your week of concerts, here's a list.

Here's our weekly pieces on video games and DVD releases.

And, lastly, Arts Editor Donna Doherty checks in with her weekly Pick of the Arts feature.

That's all I got for this wonderful Friday morning. I'm going to drink my coffee and prepare for my trip to Vermont in a few hours. Yes, I am heading north to drink a whole lot of beer at Magic Hat's Mardi Gras weekend. My good buddy Ryan Thomas Dixon and I plan to fill our tummies with a lot Lucky Kat. I'll be blogging throughout the event, hopefully. And maybe you'll be able to understand my drunken entries.


Anonymous said...

OK, so...

Great Oscar wrap-up, showing waaaay more stamina and tolerance for that thundering Mastadon of a program than I could muster. In no particular order...

1) Tilda Swinton is creepy. Skeleton-like, translucent creepy.
Tilda Swinton isn't even a pretty man. Rob Lowe is a pretty man.

2) Why was Miley Cyrus there? Did she mistake the big party with the limos for her prom?

3) That Frieda Pinto proves that Indian girls can be waaaay hot.

4) Penelope Cruz is hot, it me, or does she have one lazy eye?

5) Why is Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars? Are we supposed to consider those war crimes she's foisted upon us "films"? Never mind the parking lot attendant she brought as her date. The less said the better...

6) Um...hel-lo?....If you go back about a year, you'll see that yours truly mentioned that his significant other observed that you rocked a Seth Rogan vibe. Nice call, honey. Now make me breakfast.

7) Rocking a Rogan vibe isn't so bad. He always gets the hot woman in his movies (Anna Faris is up next in Advise and Report, which looks disturbingly hilarious). And last I checked, he was on tap to play the Green Hornet. I LOVE the Green Hornet. He has a cool sidekick, and was related to the Lone Ranger. But I digress. Anyway, there are worse people who could bear a striking resemblance to you.

8) Is it me, or did Beyonce make even Hugh Jackman look tiny? Good lord, the woman's an Amazon. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course...

9) Is it me, or did Queen Latifah make even the Goodyear Blimp look tiny? Good lord, the woman's an Amazon. And not in a good way.

10) In that death montage, why didn't they show Jennifer Aniston's film career? You'll get that one later, and you'll LAUGH...

11) If Meryl Streep had introduced herself, I think it would have created some weird vortex on the stage sucking her into a cosmic black hole.

12) Reese Witherspoon is perky cute. Spunky cute. In the words of Lou Grant, "I HATE spunk."

13) Sophia Loren was a walking poster for spray-on tanner abuse. Or the dangers of jaundice. Or maybe that was Big Bird, and not Sophia Loren.

14) Note to Kate Winslet - no more Nazi's. PLEEEEEASE.

15) How great would it have been if Penn had hit his head with the Oscar and proclaimed, "That's my SKULL!" Ridgemont fans rejoice.

16) How great would it have been if Rourke had leapt to the stage and wrestled the Oscar away from Penn while beating him about the head with the body of his dead chihuahua? Barfly fans rejoice.

17) How great would it have been if Rourke had leapt to the stage and wrestled the Oscar away from the Slumdog producers while beating them about the head with the unconscious body of Sean Penn? The world rejoices.

18) Oh Mickey, Mickey, loveable, crazy, psychotic S.O.B. Enjoy the parties, 'cause next year you'll likely be watching the festivities from a counter in Denny's.

19) Somewhere in Beverly Hills, Anne Hathaway is a ladies room, purging the last bit of one of the little chocolate Oscars made by Wolfgang Puck.

20) Am I mistaken, or did Kate Winslet's character work for Wolfgang Puck in The Reader?

21) February 28...I think the telecast is just wrapping up. I hope I don't miss the closing song and dance number. Gotta get back to the TV. Later, man....

Anonymous said...

No videos make me sad.
Fortunately, the Oscars are still on, so I have something else to watch.

Anonymous said...

I heart Annie Lennox. Thanks for the review.

And...get ready for the blasphemy. My friend, the DJ (he says "DON'T USE MY NAME!", has an advanced copy of the new U2 and...I'm just not that into it. I don't know why. OK, I sorta know why. Bono creeps me out. AND he's writing a Spiderman musical. I know, that shouldn't be reason enough to dislike him. But hey, any old port in a storm.

Anyhow, technically it's a great album - really well produced. Musically, my friend is ranking it right up there with the best of U2. But I just sat there kind of not particularly caring whether or not I heard the songs again. Ah well - different strokes, I guess. Please don't hate me. You can hate Chris Brown. Just don't hate me.

Anonymous said...

So uh, that must have been a GREAT weekend, 'cause those promised blogs never materialized!...