Friday, February 20, 2009

Weekend Preview


Anonymous said...

OK goes nothing...for the second consecutive year...

In reverse order of "Who Care?"...

Best supporting actress: Penelope Cruz. She's hot, she was funny in that movie, and whether you liked the movie or not, it was WAY better than that Button movie.

Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger. C' I REALLY have to explain why?

Best Director: Danny Boyle ('cause you can't split up best director and best picture).

Best Actress: Kate Winslet ('cause she got robbed other years, when it was more deserved). I hated this depressing movie, but she'll win.

Best Actor: Sean Penn. Mickey might have been better, but the Academy probably won't give an award to someone who doesn't bathe. Besides, Sean actually smiled in this movie...we haven't seen that since...Spicolli? So, he'll win.

Best Picture: Slumdog. Why? 'Cause everybody likes it, they really like it!

Now you don't have to waste 4 hrs of your life. Watch the pre-show on E! to see who looks hot, and set the alarm for midnight to see Best Picture. Don't say I didn't give you the option.

Oh yeah..P.S. -
I saw a press screening of Watchmen last week. As a once and future geek, lemme just say, I'm kvelling over this. And - FYI - "Miss March" looks like this year's "Superbad." Stupid, gross funny. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord - the only thing worse than suffering through the telecast is watching the post-win press interviews backstage. Talk about sucking all the life and fun out of a win. To listen to Penn's meet and greet, you'd think he was giving a civil rights seminar. Can't the vultures just allow these folks to revel in their win for a few minutes? And then when the dragged the Ledgers up there...well, needless to say, all of the vacuuous fun had been obliterated from the room.