Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Warbles

I type this entry as I listen to Kevin Devine's "Brother's Blood" for the second time today. It's a step forward for the singer/songwriter, a really, really good record. Musically, it's a real change, and I'm totally digging it. Be on the lookout for the album when it gets a proper release on April 28. So to celebrate this, that's his video for the tune "Brooklyn Boy" above.

But now let's get down to some fun news. OK? Will that make you happy? You know, I just want to make you happy. I live for making you happy. Sorry, but that's actually not true. I live to do something else. I just don't know what that is though.

Buried in all the baseball news about Alex Rodriquez and his quest to figure out what best sounds like the truth on a given day is how many baseball players can't get at their money. It makes you feel bad for some of these guys. I mean, they invested money and now it's frozen, and some may have to ask teammates for a loan. I feel bad for everyone except Johnny Damon. I don't even care that he became a Yankee, just that he went to a soulless team that made him shave and cut his hair. Sellout.

This is another scary story for the industry that I work in. Yes, if you didn't know, I work for a newspaper. We write news stories and distribute them on paper that will leave ink on your hands sometimes.

For a variety of reasons, I thank God that I am not a woman. The biggest reason? Well, now it's this one.

This story is entirely not objective. You know how I know? Because it is not fair and balanced to say that "as if anyone could be mad at Jimmy Fallon." I am mad at Jimmy Fallon. Why? Now whenever I turn on NBC at 12:30 a.m. on a weekday, I'm going to see his dumb grinning face kissing the arse of some celebrity guest. This does not make me happy. Why not give that job to someone who's even a tiny bit funny?

Need more proof that Britney Spears knows how to pick 'em?

Maybe there was a time when you liked Barenaked Ladies. I can say that I have always enjoyed the band's live show, even if some of the records weren't the best. Now BNL will become an entirely different animal with the news of Steven Page departing. He's always written the bulk of the group's best tunes.

This would make for one messed-up superhero movie. But it would make me quite happy.

Speaking of making me happy — which should be everyone in the world's main goal in life — this one also brings a smile to my face.

As many of you know, I laughed at the whole Bruce Springsteen ticket flap of last month, but I do agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment of this story.

And now that we've mentioned The Boss, I just want to say that I'm actually kind of sad that his show goes down April 24, the same day The Decemberists play Amherst and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart come to Wallingford. Seriously, that's a real tough decision.

Oh, by the way, the Dinosaur Jr. show has been confirmed.

Now this story, this is something that made me laugh out loud. They had to say sorry? Really?

At the small Oscar party I hosted Sunday, we actually noticed and discussed this.

I know that whenever I get sad, I always turn to Alanis Morissette too.

And that's all I got for today. Let's call it a day and we can all watch the "Top Chef" finale tonight. Doesn't that sound nice? You know it does. Of course it does.


Anonymous said...

Someone stop him before he hyperlinks again!...

sj said...

a) am sad about Steven Page leaving BNL. i have been a loyal BNL lover for YEARS (because i am old). and i heart him and his doofy glasses (so like my own) and his antics at the live shows. like when he fell on his arse at the last barenaked for the holidays tour? that was good times.

b) am also sad i will miss the decemberists.

c) that story about the chronicle made me very sad. also sad? the 100 cuts -- including 30 newsroom -- at the Courant.

sad, sad, sad, sir. i'm going to go put in "jagged little pill" now and break out the brownies.