Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Day

Besides the Super Bowl, there's not a bigger television event each year than the Oscars. And, to be honest, I enjoy watching the Oscars more than the big football game unless, of course, the Pats are trying for another championship.

I'll be writing a notebook tonight, and I'm really excited to see if my predictions play out as well as I think they will. I hope so because it looks like my friends and I will be doing an Oscar pool. Good times.

So to celebrate the big event tonight, here's a video of one of Oscar's most notorious moments.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


WHA..?? Huh?...
It's over?! I missed it?!
Who won?


TOLD ya.

Anyway, sadly, I DIDN'T sleep.
I watched the glitzy trainwreck.
Like most other awards show, bad to the point of irrelevance. Why oh why can't they nix any humanitarian award, any death montage and any musical number that does NOT have to do with a nominated song or score? And get rid of best "short" ANYTHING. Thank God Mickey seemed stoned - at least there was SOME comic relief. If you kept this great, galumphing monster rolling forward, you could squeeze it into two hours. Three and a half seems like a leftover torture tool from Gitmo.

So...were you surprised by ANY of the winners??

Me neither.

A total snoozefest.

P.S. - Is Tilda Swinton transparent? The woman scares me more than that creepy Coraline cartoon.