Saturday, May 09, 2009

A Little Late, But Video Time


Anonymous said...

Thanks, dude.

And a shout-out to Mother Ferrucci in advance of Mother's Day. Hope you and Little Nicholas are planning something good.

sj said...

so i went to see star trek on friday. and i realize that i look like the type who would go see star trek on opening day and all, but i have never seen any other star trek movies.

and i totally enjoyed it. although i think i got some serious dirty looks by mentioning that kirk was the hottie from princess diaries 2.

am not a sci fi person either, and have no desire to see the new terminator movie, etc.

i also went to see ghosts of girlfriends past, and found it amusingly full of funny one liners and was of course overly predictable -- because i read a christmas carol and have seen other matthew mcconnahay (however you spell it) movies.

this was a poor substitute for los cabos, btw.