Saturday, May 02, 2009

Aeroplane Rides

As I sit here at home, mentally preparing myself for what will be a trying evening with Ms. Britney Spears, I wanted to make a quick note about Aeroplane, 1929, the sort-of New Haven-based band that played The Space last night with The Smyrk.

Many of you know how much I love the group, which features three New Haveners and a couple members from Springfield, Mass. But, because of a few different reasons, the guys haven't played the area in a little bit of time. So I had to make sure to catch them last night. Man, they sounded better than usual. I can't explain enough how much they need to be checked out. Aeroplane is easily one of the top two or three bands from here right now. Seriously.

With all that said, the band has a tentatively scheduled CD-release party coming up at Cafe Nine. The gig's supposed to go down July 22. You're going to want to catch this.

Photo courtesy of Simone Gutkin

PS: Here's an acoustic performance from Aeroplane, playing the tune "Flag & Crucifix":

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Anonymous said...

I have to does one mentally prepare for Britney?

Or, is "mentally preparing" just a euphemism for "getting drunk"? 'Cause NO ONE would blame you.

Just keep repeating, "Yes - I, Seth Rogen would LOVE it if you'd buy me a drink. I'll put in a good word for you with Judd Apatow." Be strong, young strong.