Monday, May 11, 2009

Maybe I'm Insensitive

So I haven't seen last night's season finale of "The Amazing Race." I did DVR it, however, and will watch it at some point. I know who won though.

"TAR" isn't my favorite show or anything, but it's something I do enjoy watching if it's a good season, and a friend of time told me this season was really good. I trust certain people's advice, so I've seen about half of the episodes.

How could I watch last night, though? The biggest night for Boston sports in my life, maybe. Bruins playing for their season, Celtics looking to even up a playoff series and, of course, the Sox looking to win a series from the devilish Rays.

But "TAR" went down. I didn't see it. Here's my problem. According to this wire story, the end featured a "heartbreaking" loss for the show's first deaf contestant. I think the entire season should be a considered a "heartbreaking" showcase for deaf people in general.

I know this is going to sound harsh, but there are a lot worse things you can be than being deaf. I'm sure most deaf people would agree with me. Maybe I shouldn't say this because, of course, I'm not deaf. But this guy was the whiniest, most immature 22-year-old television's seen in a while. He was teamed with his mom. If I whined like he did to my mom when I was 22, it wouldn't have been pretty.

Look, I've never been deaf — except for a few weeks in December of 2006 when my sinuses made me not hear — and I've never had any kind of disability, so I'm not good at empathizing. But, in college, one of my good friends was deaf. He wasn't a whiny immature dude. And, of course, "TAR" is a response to "Survivor," and a deaf contestant has been featured on "Survivor." She represented deaf people everywhere wonderfully. This guy represented whiny, immature folks wonderfully. So, yeah, sorry, this was not a heartbreaking ending.

In other news, Hugh Jackman had a perm. If you read this blog enough, you know I hate Hugh Jackman. But it does make me happy to know he had a perm.

For all you kidlets reading this here blog, Kate Voegele is over at Toad's Place tonight. I guess she's been on the show "One Tree Hill" as a guest star for multiple episodes. I wouldn't know these things, but I'm assured the kiddies love her. Go check it out. I thought her upcoming record was, um, OK.

I guess that's all I got today. I'm going to leave you with a video from Wye Oak, a band that's at Cafe Nine Friday. I wish I could go so badly it's making me cry inside. I don't want Wedding Weekend to begin. Please make it go away.

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Anonymous said...

As a loyal TAR watcher, I can tell you that your assessment is dead on. Luke was a whiny sneak, and the loss of his team was anything but heartbreaking. Tammy and Victor played fairly and raced hard, and deserved to win.