Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Get Arrested

Well, it's official: Legendary rock trio The Police will reunite at this year's Grammy Awards, going down Feb. 11.

This actually means the irrelevant event will be relevant for a couple fleeting minutes.

Rumors have been flying around about Sting, Stewart and Andy reuniting for a month or so now, but now we've got a date. How much longer till we hear about the reunion tour?

Barring a huge meltdown between members (which is very possible considering the animosity between them), you know a tour is coming. People like this don't secretly practice for weeks just to play the Grammys and celebrate "Roxanne's" 30th anniversary. They just don't. Money is in the air, and the band will soon announce at least a few big gigs.

I've been getting a ton of e-mails about The Police over the last few days, many wondering if a tour was already scheduled and if the band would come to Connecticut. Well, nothing's been announced, but I'm laying my money on no Nutmeg State stops. I bet this is a quick jaunt, one only hitting major markets.

But, hey, we can carpool to New York together. Right?

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