Monday, January 22, 2007

Good Read

Over the last five or six days, I've been totally absorbed with a certain book, enough to highly recommend it.

"DisneyWar" chronicles the ups and downs of former Walt Disney Corporation CEO Michael Eisner, the way he goes from creative genius to ruthless dictator. And over 500 or so pages, author James B. Stewart uses an amazing amount of primary sources and interviews to tell the story of the downfall of the Machiavellian CEO.

This book's been sitting around my apartment for over a year now, one of the many stacked on cases that I've been planning to read for a while. It finally got to the top of the stack and, man, I wish I got to it sooner.

For a thick tome, this is a very quick read, with Stewart really understanding how tell a great story. It should really be of interest to anyone taken with the entertainment industry, with the way deals get made or broken. Also, folks interested in corporate governance, especially after the last few years, should enjoy "DisneyWar."
It reads like a flick that Disney should make some day ....

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