Saturday, January 13, 2007

NFL Picks

We are only about two hours away from the opening kickoff to this weekend's NFL playoff games. Last week, I posted my picks on Friday, but, this week, I just can't seem to decide on one game.

I've had many a sleepless night trying to come up with these picks. I've bit my pillow, cried in the corner ... you name it, I've done it while trying to come up with these predictions. After all, I have a lot to live up to after going 4-0 during the Wild Card round.

Well, here we go with the Divisional playoffs. Here are my picks:

Things will get started with Colts at Ravens in a mere 120 minutes or so. The Raven defense should be able to contain Peyton Manning and Colt O pretty well. And even though the Raven offense is unbelievably overrated, they will be better coached than the Chiefs (who isn't?). With that said, Steve McNair has had one good year in his entire career and fumbles like crazy. The Ravens will hold the Colt offense, but not enough, since the Baltimore O won't score enough.

Pick: Colts 24-13

With Eagles and Saints, nobody will stop anybody. This should be a high-scoring affair. And let's be serious: Philly struggled to score against a poor Giants defense last week. And Garcia sure didn't look great until the end of the game. Take Drew Brees here. Saints win.

Pick: Saints 34-17

The second NFC game features two teams who have looked like crap over the last couple months: The Bears and the Seahawks. But there is a difference. Rex Grossman has been bad and the Chicago D looks tired and injured, but until the last game of the season, the team kept winning. The Seahawks haven't been winning. And how awful did the team look against Dallas? Shawn Alexander actually looks hurt still, and without him, this team can't win.

Pick: Bears 27-6

Here's where it gets tough. My heart picks the Patriots and my brain says San Diego. I don't know. I'm taking San Diego for one major reason: Chris Baker of the Jets went crazy in the second half against the Pats D. So even if NE takes away LT, Antonio Gates should have a field day against a weak linebacker core for the Pats.

Pick: Chargers 31-21.

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