Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hope You Remembered To ...

Set your clocks ahead. It's daylight savings time! Now, I hate losing an hour, especially since I stayed up pretty late last night and saw the time change, but I love gaining an hour of sunlight.

With that said, I'm only in the office for a short time today because I'll be heading to the St. Patrick's Day Parade. It's named after me.

Los Lobos at the Shubert was a killer show last night. That's a tight band that knows its way around a stage. Here's a funny, funny story from the concert:

During the last song, the group let a lot of the women in the front rows get on the stage. There was a bit of a drum solo during the tune and it was coming from Los Lobos' touring drummer. Singer David Hidalgo wanted to call attention to the young drummer, who's name is something like Johnny Cougar. So with all of these mostly middle-aged women dancing on stage, Hidalgo yells something like, "And we got Cougar!" My friend Jay and I decided if we had beers to spit out, they would have been on the people in front of us. Too good.

Anyway, that's it on this end. I've been listening to a ton of Bob Mould lately, so I'll leave you with this Sugar video:

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