Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Parades, Concerts, Movies, Etc.

So what you're looking at is a photo of me and my friends Helen and Shayne standing with Mr. Toad at the St. Patrick's Day Parade Sunday. I saw the little guy walking by, and I just couldn't let him go without capturing the moment. My friends had to get in the photo also.

Anyway, to quickly recap the parade: I'm just not so sure it's for me. I mean, I like to drink, but I don't need an excuse to do it. The whole thing felt like it was 17 hours long. And, in my opinion, it's really ridiculous to say that it celebrates Irish culture. I mean, yeah, it sort of it does. But walk the streets: It's really an excuse for people off all cultures to get drunk in public. That's it. Oh, it also lets folks in groups that wear uniforms get a chance to wear those snazzy outfits in public.

If you're like me and stay up late, catch R.E.M. perform from SXSW at around 1 a.m. tonight. The band's will surely play a bunch of its upcoming record. The show will be Web cast on NPR tonight. Check it out.

As many of you probably know, Billy Crystal is joining the Yankees. Sorry, I just don't think this separates the gap between the Yanks and the Red Sox. Go Red Sox.

If your iPod sparks, return it immediately. Do not pass Go. Do not collect your $200. Just get your damn contraption back to the store and away from kiddies. OK?

Mary Ann from "Gilligan's Island" likes to spark it up, apparently. She lives in Idaho. I mean, could she possibly cause anybody harm smoking pot in Idaho? I'm not sure. I'll have to ask my friend Brandon. He's from Idaho.

The biggest, bestest tour of the year is not coming our way, sadly. I'm thinking about taking a trip to Ithaca for it, though. Anyone want to carpool?

And lastly, it's finally time for "Funny Games." Now I'm not sure if the movie's great or not (reviews have been pretty good), but when I saw this trailer a few months ago, I thought it was such a cool preview. Anyway, the flick opens Friday. So, here's that trailer:


Lou Diamond Phillips said...

Re: Funny Games...

If you want to see the movie before everyone else, just rent the original Austrian version (by the same director as the American) and pretend you're watching Naomi Watts. Seriously, it's a shot-by-shot almost word-for-word remake.

I could get into why the director (Michael Haneke) chose to redo his own film (interesting idea but tad flawed in my opinion) as I took an entire class on his films, in which he came to said class and taught a day-long session and showed the American version of this film at a special screening way back in October, but I'm currently too busy writing my thesis on the works of myself. One of my chapters is called "Intertextuality and the Unconscious Memory in 'Courage Under Fire'" and another is called "'Oh Donna': The Libido in 'La Bamba'"

By the way, as you are now aware that I didn't die at the end of La Bamba, a little known fact you probably don't know is that we really did kill a man named Buddy Holly for the film. The director said it make our acting be more "true."

Keep up th good stuff,

Lou D.P.

"My mom reckons I'm going to be a star. And stars don't fall from the sky."

Anonymous said...

Biggest bestest tour of the year?
Are you DAFT, man?

All I have to say is..

Miss Raven Symone's Pajama Party Concert with special guests Mitchel Musso, B5 & Clique Girlz! Wear your favorite pajamas and come early for the PJ party activities!

Event Date(s):
Saturday, May 24 4:00PM
The Arena at Harbor Yard

It's MUCH closer than Ithaca, AND you'd get to wear your Spiderman PJ's - TOO great...

Anonymous said...

P.S. -

Aside from the People's Choice and American Music Awards, two of the most overrated large public gatherings are parades and fireworks.

Oh sure, they're really fun (I guess) if you're tanked...but for everyone else, they're just loud, crowded and filled with lots of folks that you'd never invite to a party.