Saturday, March 08, 2008

Well, It's Been A While

Man, jury duty can mess with a guy. I had to perform my civic duty earlier in the week and it totally killed my schedule. I was way too busy to update this here blog. But, the week's over so here I am. Not dead. Just tired.

Anyway, so jury duty is a waste of time that could be organized a lot better. I was in Derby (why Derby?) from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and did nothing, absolutely nothing. I just sat in a room waiting for them to call me ... and they never did. Then I was told I could go home. Oh, I did watch a video that repeated what I learned in fifth-grade social studies class about the three parts of government. Good stuff.

While sitting in the room, I read the Register like 15 times through. There was a column on the editorial page written by a filmmaker Raul daSilva. Please, please, please go find Tuesday's Register and read this column. I'm sure the 74-year-old local is a nice enough guy, but this piece is one of the worst things I've ever read, all built around an idea that is blatantly wrong: That less people are going to the movies these days. This an easily provable falsity. It got me mad. How can anyone be a filmmaker and call the Coen brothers "twits"? I could write 10,000 words on how bad this column is, but I'll let you guys find it and enjoy it. The guy is simply out of touch, which I'll probably be when I'm 74, too.

What else? Well, my good buddy Brandon Kinne told me I need to have some Dale's Pale Ale, so I bought some over at The Wine Thief, which is steps away from my apartment on Whitney. I'm very excited to try it.

I don't think I have much else today. My brain's fried. Enjoy the parade tomorrow. I've actually never been, so I'm going to remedy that tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

It's good to know it wasn't us - glad you're back.

I had a similar experience at jury duty - an entire day of sitting, and never called once for questioning. Frankly, my fellow (potential) jurors were as frightening as anyone on trial.

Enjoy the parade tomorrow - I daresay, you'll probably see a lot of the folks I was stuck in that jury pen with. Back to monsoon watch...