Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some Stories Are Too Perfect

All I can say is ... um? Take a gander at this.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know which was more depressing in this week's video preview:
1. the fact that you don't know who Horton is (It was a book way before it was a movie, and a real page turner at that);
2. the fact that people will pay money to see the Jonas Brothers;
3. that Dawn Landes song. I mean, come ON! What's that CD called? Music to Cut Your Wrists By?

Seriously, I think Dante mentioned the Jonas' in The Inferno.

All hail Raven Symone!
Bow to Queen Raven (sorry Aretha)

P.S. -
Check out the upcoming music schedule at the Fairfield Theater Company. It's a cool little space just a bit down I-95, and they draw in some interesting acts (occasionally, the shows are moved to the Klein in Bridgeport. Travelling out of the Klein late at night is nearly as scary as a bag full of Jonas'). If you time it right, you can hop a train from New Haven that'll literally drop you right at FTC's doorstep. And you can enjoy a frosty beverage at Archie Moore's before or after the show (Archie's is two doors down from the theater). And no, I'm not an FTC shill.