Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday Night Post

So here I am at the office on this wonderful Saturday evening, waiting to get out and play ping pong and drink beverages. But I get to work a Saturday once about every three months, so here I am.
I did, at least, go to the taco truck on Long Wharf before coming here. My friends and I simply love the taco truck. I seriously can't recommend hitting one up for lunch one sunny afternoon.

But now I'm here working, so why not make the most of this time by posting a blog entry? Right? I mean, doesn't that just make sense?

Here's my video preview of this week's Weekend. For some reason, we thought not looking directly at the camera might be a good idea, but, alas, it wasn't. So next week I'll look at the camera again. I smile more on this one; a common complaint on the last one was that I didn't smile enough. You happy? You know who you are.

Thursday night's Play birthday party was really great. All four bands delivered fine, fine performances. The only bad part is that when I left Toad's, my car was not there. Yep, I was towed. Why was I towed? For one outstanding parking ticket that I was formally protesting. I guess it doesn't matter that you formally protest a ticket the right way. The people in the office where you pay your ticket told me I shouldn't have been towed. Does that mean anything when you need your car back? Nope. So, needless to say, I'm not a big fan of the city's towing practices. In fact, I think it's a sham. The Advocate wrote a good story on the city's towing fun a while back. Read it here.

My old school canned its basketball coach today. I think this is a good move. Tim Welsh (that's him above) has had some good teams over the last 10 years, and yet can never win an important game. Ever. Even with Ryan Gomes.

It looks like Opening Day could work out after all. Woo-hoo.

My spies at SXWS told me that Dawn Landes' set late last week was simply incredible. Make sure to check her out. She's so good. Read my review of her new CD here.

Who doesn't love this dude?

If anyone's looking to join a fantasy baseball league with me, e-mail me. My friends and I are trying to make our annual league have more than just seven or so teams. It'll be fun. This will be my second or third year playing fantasy baseball, and I'm not sure if I like it yet. But I love baseball.

I'll end this by saying I'm so happy that the great Lou Diamond Phillips has begun to post on this here blog. I'm honored. Lou is the greatest American actor to ever play Ritchie Valens. The way he pretended to sing "La Bamba" in the great, great movie of the same name gives me chills. Thanks Lou!


Anonymous said...

I thought (seriously) that you might have been looking at cue cards. I almost mentioned it in my previous post, but I thought it'd sound unduly harsh, 'cause hey - at least you're doing it. Anyway, looking at the camera is a good thing. Pretend that the camera is Lou Diamond.
Or Emilio.
Just not Charlie or Rob Lowe.
Smiling is optional.

I had a friend whose car was towed out of downtown, and we ventured very late at night to the impound lot in West Haven.
It was scary.
Jonas Brothers scary.
Giant tattooed guys and (no lie) a snarling pit bull. My friend (who had consumed many adult beverages immediately before this adventure began)wasn't coherent enough to deal with these guys (thankfully), so we fled like scared little girls.

Hopefully, your experience was not as nerve-shattering.
Hopefully, you will channel your best Michael Clayton to fight the ticket AND the man.
DAMN the Man! Save the Empire! (Somewhere, Ethan Embry is smiling and receiving a residual check).

Anyway -
Hope the Saturday night stint passes quickly, and the rest of your evening is as exciting as a Rex Manning signing ($100 to Maxwell Caulfield please). I will be nursing a late winter cold tonight, but plan on catching up on much bad DVD cinema.

Peace out, WARREN.
(My name is not WARREN! What is WRONG with you people?!)

Pat Ferrucci said...

No cue cards. If you can't tell, I totally make that stuff up as I go along. For some reason, the cameraman decided to have me look slightly off camera. It didn't work. We know that now.

As for the towing, I waited till Friday morning to get my car. I didn't want to journey to the police station and then to West Haven with a slight buzz. I decided it was in my best interest to get more buzzed. It was a good decision.

Get well.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, man.

Can confirm firsthand that you did the right thing - additional buzz is much better than a faceoff with Cujo.

Can also tell you that Liv Tyler is parlaying her Empire Record reknown and expanding her canon (I'd like to expand her canon, but that's a whole other story) in the new Incredible Hulk flick (do we really need another one so soon...or EVER?)

Anyway - hope you are sitting down for this - Liv appears to pout a great deal and I believe sheds some layers of clothing.

As for the movie itself, the trailer makes the whole enterprise look pretty bad - by now, we KNOW the Hulk story (and YOU, Edward Norton, are no Bill Bixby), and the CGI work looks pretty cheesy.

Of course, that could just be the codeine speaking.

Well - time for another shooter of Nyquil, so I'm off. Enjoy the night shift, Blazejowski.

I leave you with this:

Your Register videos are good.
Shrimp parmigiana good (it's a new favorite food. Who knew you could do that with shrimp?)
And anyone who's ever read your work knows that it's a natural extension of your personality.
Sorry - I had a lucid moment there.
I won't let it happen again.